Wednesday, October 21, 2009

CC-BASD Mission Statement


Mission Statement - July 13, 2009

The CC-BASD is a non-partisan group that is concerned about the trend of significant growth in all levels of government. We support and encourage limited government and limited taxation in keeping with our American traditions and founding principles.

I. Since education is key to the future of our community and our country, our initial focus will be on the Bethlehem Area School District. This focus shall be to foster and grow a healthy School District in Bethlehem, PA by means of achieving a financially balanced budget, lifting our currently underperforming schools to a standard of excellence for students of all backgrounds, the prudent use of available funds and a School Board that is accountable and responsible to the citizens of Bethlehem, PA at all times and which shall never put the District’s funds at undue risk. Here is a specific set of budget guidelines that we are recommending the school board adopt.
We the people of the Bethlehem Area School District petition the school board to incorporate the following perspectives into the annual budget process:
• Demonstrate the interests of the tax payer in developing the annual school budget.
• Increased spending does not automatically equal quality education.
• Raising taxes and borrowing money must only be considered as a last resort, not the first solution.
• Prudent financial management includes a realistic assessment of our community’s finite resources.
1. Prioritize spending requests based on providing a quality education to our students.
2. Evaluate every expenditure and assess the most cost effective way to deliver that service.
3. Fund any new priorities by spending cuts in other areas of the budget.

II. We will also focus on poorly run and unresponsive government entities as circumstances arise that match our priorities.

You can reach CC-BASD at:
(CC-BASD) Concerned Citizens of Bethlehem Area School District